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Battlefield Bad Company 2 Hack
Updated: 28/09/2013
Working & Undetected

Battlefield Heroes Hack
Working & Undetected

Battlefield Play4Free Hack
Updated: 16/04/2014
Working & Undetected

Tribes Ascend VIP Test
Updated: 23/09/2013

Fallen Earth Hack
Updated: 18/10/2013
Working & Undetected

Ghost Recon Phantoms Hack
Updated: 12/04/2014
Working & Undetected

Crimecraft Hack
Updated: 29/03/2014
Working & Undetected

Infestation Survivor Stories
Updated: 13/04/2014
Working & Undetected
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  Ghost Recon Phantom updated
Posted by: Samzor - 13-04-2014 05:21 AM - No Replies

[Image: grp_logo.png]

Hey all,

I have just updated the VIP hack for Ghost Recon Phantom - thank you for testing using the VIP Test version and reporting your problems. The issues with the aimbot and aim smooth have now been fixed (please report to me if you get any more problems).
No gunsway has been updated to remove the sway while walking/running and aimbot has been updated to take into account these kinds of sways, e.g. when people shoot at you it moves your aim upwards, the aimbot will now aim down to compensate.
It is recommended you use the aim smooth option (and keep Aim FOV option low <50), as I believe this will help prevent their server side anti-cheat from recognizing an aimbot.

I am not sure whether or not there is still some random crashes, I have not experienced any myself - it's important you report any occurrence of this to me by PM, so that I can try to figure out what may have caused it.

Thanks for your patience and for helping test the hack,

  Staff expansion
Posted by: MMOhax - 08-04-2014 07:08 PM - Replies (8)

Now that the forum is starting to become a bit more active again we decided we need some more help moderating.

Please welcome new moderator Fluxxie and our new media group member Thing! CakeBig Grin

Best wishes to all for a good 2014~

  Latest news 2014-03-31 (CrimeCraft and Infestation)
Posted by: MMOhax - 31-03-2014 08:11 PM - Replies (10)

Hello hackers!

We are currently working on the CrimeCraft and Infestation: Survivor Stories VIP hacks, both are already available and working on the CDS.
Please keep in mind that these hacks are still "in testing", and not completed full multihacks yet.

For CrimeCraft it is important that you first start the CDS, select the hack and click Start button, wait until it says "Waiting for game .." then you can start CrimeCraft. Smile

Infestation hack is being updated right now and will be improved within the next few days.

Thanks for reading and enjoy our hacks ~

  Battlefield Heroes VIP Update
Posted by: Samzor - 26-01-2014 12:09 PM - Replies (4)

Hello hackers,

Battlefield Heroes is back online, now with clean punkbuster screenshots:

[Image: 6t5FVJR.png]
[Image: YNEg3pQ.png]


Note: Somebody has come to me to say that in fullscreen they get black screenshots, so if you want clear screenshots (not just black), you should play in windowed! Happy hacking

  Regarding Battlefield Heroes VIP hack
Posted by: Samzor - 19-01-2014 12:01 AM - Replies (7)


There have been reports of the Battlefield Heroes VIP hack's anti-detection system becoming unreliable. For this reason, the VIP hack has been taken down while we work on ironing out these problems over the next week or two.
Due to this inconvenience, everyone who is VIP has been granted an additional month for free.
The public hack for battlefield heroes will remain up.


Sorry, you don't have access to the chatbox yet, VIPs and people with more than 2 posts get access to the chatbox :)

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