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General Rules
22-10-2010, 09:35 PM,
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General Rules
[Image: 2jcwprp.png]

Since we are expanding at a pretty decent rate, I've decided to lay out some rules and regulations before any miscommunication occurs.
  • We are an English speaking forum so do try to speak it if not, a little. Just enough for us to understand you.
  • No darn image macros
  • We at MMOHax make our own cheats. Therefore, for the safety of our members, posting any third-party-cheat is now forbidden unless you've seek explicit permission from MMOhax.
  • Definitely no 4chan or Internet Memes for that matter
  • Don't make boring contentless threads
  • Please use descriptive titles when you create a thread. "Need help" or even "Question here..." are to be avoided.
  • Before you make a thread, use the Search feature.
  • Don't reply to threads if you're only being an ass, be constructive or don't post at all.
  • Begging for cheats/hacks is very annoying. Make a formal request here.
Use the report feature if you see anybody breaking these rules. Angel

In layman terms, to make everyone's stay here a fruitful one, use your common sense when posting. Have fun hacking!
27-07-2014, 01:53 PM, (This post was last modified: 27-07-2014, 01:57 PM by System-Error.)
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RE: New Rule's

These Rules were written by System-Error and revised a little bit by Capten.

1.1 Respect other as Members
Respect each other member. Who is offensive or striking must expect a Forumban!

1.2 Respect the MMOhax-Staff Team
Respect the MMOhax-Staff Team! They are here to provide for law and order in the forum!
If you do not treated a MMOhax-Staff with respect, he can ban you for one week or more (to complete Staffmebers belong: Testers((Testers can contact a Mod via PM and can give the order to ban a User!)), Moderators, S-Moderators and Admins).
The Staff-Members support on a voluntary basis and must be treated with respect!

2. [No Spamming the Thread]
- This means going off-topic on a thread, by making no sense whatsoever.
Topic: BFP4-Free
Originally Posted by Noob
EPIC H@X0RZ!!!!!!!
- This also includes making one or two word posts, which have nothing to do with the topic, instead just PM the member to thank them for whatever they did.
Originally Posted by Noob
lol wut?
Originally Posted by Noob
- Even telling others to stop spamming is considered spamming itself; instead (a) report the post to the Moderators (b) just ignore the post, or © just don't post at all.

- Double posting is also considered spam, because it is a waste of your post count.

3. [No bumping]
- Bumping is when a user bumps an old topic, even topics that are a week old are considered bumping, so try not to post on old topics just use them as reference before making your own topic.

4. [Don't Flame new members]
- Go easy when a new member asks a simple question - don't spam the thread by flaming them. (unless they are purposely spamming the thread - then just report the topic to a Mod).
Originally Posted by Noob
how do i play this game??
Originally Posted by Flamer
how do you not know how to play?? its so easy!! noob!

5. [No Viruses of any kind]
- We understand people are making hacking programs for online games. Don't upload any types of files that are trojans, spyware, highjacker, keylogger, etc. We don't want anything that will harm other people's computers, this will result in a instant Ban if it happens. Remember you have been warned. use a virus checker if you are unsure about a program or check with a staff member for approval.

6. [Don't Hack other members]
- Don't try to scam others by getting their Game/Forum Accounts, even if you want to "help" with their account, just don't post it.
Originally Posted by Scammer
I'll rank up your accounts to have epic armor and weapons! Just PM me your user and pass so I can start.
Originally Posted by Scammer
Trading my gaming account with someone.

7. [Correct Grammar]
- When posting try your best to write so everyone can read it and understand it, otherwise people will end up just flaming you (and in doing so breaking the forum rules themselves).
Originally Posted by Noob
how do me play it?
Should be
Originally Posted by Proper Noob
How do I play this game?

8. [Respect Members and Mods]
- Don't act immature all the time around the forums, because you are most likely going to build a bad reputation. Also please don't argue in public when a Mod has banned you or warned you, they're only doing their job. If you want to complain about your warning or ban contact the staff and send your complaint to them. The whole forum community have no need to know what is going on between you and the Mod.

9. [Search before Posting] >
- Make sure you search the relevant section topics before making your own topic; you may well find that what you want to say has already been covered/answered. In cases where you are found to be duplicating, your thread will be removed. To search look at the top right corner of the forum, enter what you are looking for, then hit "Search". Try to keep it simple when searching to get a better results.

10. [Don't ask to be a Staff Member]
- If we need staff members we will personally contact you or request an application via an approved thread. PMing a staff member or making a topic asking to be a member of staff will result in you not being considered at all. Here are a few tips to increase your chances of joining our team:
Be active on the forum
Try to help your fellow community ONLY IF YOU HAVE A KNOWN SOLUTION. Do not interject in any dialog if a member is already being assisted by a staff member.
Act mature and don't be aggressive. The use of foul language will not be tolerated.

These are just some examples of many ways that can help you get noticed by the staff members and could aid you in your bid to become one. So try to follow those simple guidelines.
- Impersonating as a staff member is a serious offence, doing so will most likely result in a permanent ban.

11. [No Excessive Advertisements]
- We know that you might own a website or work for another website. We ask you to not to excessively advertise your site all over our forum. Right now it is ok to add a link to your site in your signature, but if there are problems with this in the future, we will then remove this privilege. Please do not abuse this.

11.1 [NO false information]
- Like telling everyone on the Forums that the hack is Detected When it is not Detected at all.
- This will get you Ban From the Forums Fast.

12. [No ripping or Leeching of Any Kind]
- MMOHAX have intellectual rights to the material made available for your use. Therefore you agree not to leech any of our material that we provide for our members. Taking our work and naming it as your own will result in an instant ban. If you want to post any of our our material on another site, GET PERMISSION FROM AN ADMIN FIRST. >MMOHAX > Samzor If permission is given, material must not have been altered or tampered with.

Have any questions? Please contact the MMOhax Staff thank you..

best regards The Staff Team of MMOHAX Troll

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