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Antivirus 'Virus'-Message
17-10-2012, 04:23 AM,
Post: #1
Antivirus 'Virus'-Message
As a lot of people have been recieving (false) AntiVirus reports lately, i decided to make this announcement about them.

The reason why your AntiVirus is giving these messages is, that the hack needs to be injected into your game. Most likely the part of the CDS that injects the hack into your game is making your AV do the messages.
These messages are 'fake', however. MMOhax is safe to use.
If you still feel unsafe, feel free to not use the hacks. However, once more, MMOhax is 100% safe. (Why would he put a virus in a hack which is being bought by hundreds of VIP members.. Wink)
27-10-2012, 01:28 PM,
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RE: Antivirus 'Virus'-Message
(Posted this in another thread but think it will fit in nicely here)

Yes it is completely safe to use and there is no virus but because the CDS downloads hack data from server and the fact that it injects code into running processes (games), which is very similar to how many trojans act nowadays to hide themselves in other processes, examples:
(safe sites, they are malware researchers' blogs)

Alot of gamehacking scene gets inspiration/tips from trojan developers, and the other way around it aswell. Because anti-virus and anti-cheats work roughly the same way (HackShield & GameGuard developers also make anti-virus protection for example) it becomes clear that anti-virus will see it as malicious aswell.

This is why you should disable (not just turn off) your anti-virus software when you use the CDS aswell, since it might prevent the hack from being started. Smile
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