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[Streamer] Applications Open!
25-12-2012, 10:23 AM, (This post was last modified: 27-12-2012, 11:51 PM by Coolboyman.)
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[Streamer] Applications Open!
Hello Hackers!

It's the holidays and I want to do something new this new year to improve a free member's perspective of the VIP hack. I can still remember the first time I joined this website unsure if VIP was worth buying.

So today, I present to you our new streaming network!

Our streamers will be live-streaming their game which gives you the opportunity to watch the hack in action, talk with the hacker, and maybe even play with the hacker Smile

We will need at least 2 streamers per game to a maximum of 4.

You may apply for more than 1 game if you can handle it.

The Game List follows...

Battlefield Bad Company 2 Hack
Battlefield Heroes Hack
Battlefield Play4Free Hack
Bullet Run Hack
CrimeCraft Hack
Modern Warfare 3 Hack
Fallen Earth Hack
Tribes Ascend Hack

To apply to be a streamer, you must have...
- been a VIP and have reasonable experience with both the hack and game you are applying for
- be a VIP (If you're VIP expires and you're still a streamer, don't worry! You just have to be a VIP when you register so I can track your details.)
- a quick learner and will be able to adjust to changes quickly
- a quick internet (a laggy stream isn't as good)

To apply, please fill in the following code.

Months being VIP:
Game you Wish to Stream:
Amount of Hours Online Per Day: (Rough Estimate)
Have you ever had experience with [url=][/url]?
Have you ever had experience with [url=]XSplit[/url]?

If not, it's okay. Don't spend your time studying. I am willing to teach. It just gives me a view of who is able to get started quick.

Please PRIVATE MESSAGE me your information.

As spots fill up, I will post it here.

I will notify you if you have made it or not. There is no deadline for applications as we are always looking for new people Smile.

~ Coolboyman

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