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Feature Request: Re-Lock for aimbot!
13-11-2013, 09:44 AM,
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Feature Request: Re-Lock for aimbot!
What is Re-Lock? (i forgot industry standard name for most aimbot sights)

It is essentially where you just killed a target for aimbot and it forces you to hit your aimkey again in order to lock onto a new target.

Why is this needed?

Well, right now I was playing with some friends, didn't tell them I bought hax, and they said "Dude, you already have an aimbot?!" hah. They know I use hacks for most games, but were surprised FE had any to buy.

They said that they noticed I kept switching to targets way off in the distance, or close up, instantly when i killed something.

This is VERY bad for late-game characters trying to use aimbot anywhere other players exist as the sticky-swapping is VERY noticable.

Giving a toggle-able option to force me to, say, hit shift again to lock onto a new target would be awesome Smile!


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