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First Look At Andrew Garfield As Spider-Man!
14-01-2011, 11:05 AM,
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First Look At Andrew Garfield As Spider-Man!
[Image: spider-man-500.jpg]

The first image of Andrew Garfield as Spider-Man was released today, and the online world is buzzing about what it could mean for the upcoming reboot of the blockbuster film franchise.

While there are certainly a lot of questions to be asked about Peter Parker's bloodied and bruised condition in the photo, the image also reveals some interesting changes made to Spider-Man's iconic costume. The lean and lanky Garfield casts a very different shadow as Spidey than the franchise's former star, Tobey Maguire, and given what we can tell from the photo, the familiar red-and-blue costume seems to have undergone a reboot of sorts, too.

After staring intently at the photo without blinking for the last few hours, I've come up with five notable changes in Spider-Man's costume gleaned from the new image.

[Image: webshooters.jpg]


See those metal discs on Peter Parker's wrists? If they're mechanical web-shooters, the new franchise could be planning a major reboot of the character's history, as longtime fans know that Peter Parker's web-shooting ability originally stemmed from a pair of mechanical bracelet-like contraptions that he wore under his gloves. In the comics universe, the "webs" he shot were composed of a chemical he invented, and not a product of the radioactive spider-bite that gave him his other powers. Recent storylines in Spidey's comics universe have gone back and forth on the "organic vs. mechanical webbing" debate, with the prior movie franchise going full organic for this plot point.

Could the new films be veering back to mechanical web-shooters, or are the discs just a new element that facilitates Spidey's organic web-shooting abilities?

[Image: symbol.jpg]


Every iteration of Spider-Man's costume in the comic book, television, and movie worlds have always added their own unique tweak to the spider symbol on Peter Parker's chest. Sometimes it's been a wide, shoulder-to-shoulder look, other times it's been reduced to a small badge centered on the character's chest. In some cases, the symbol has stretched vertically from Peter's shoulders to his waist — which appears to be the direction they're going with this new costume.

[Image: gloves.jpg]


Given his web-shooting requirements, Spider-Man's gloves have always been an important part of the costume. In this new iteration of the iconic red-and-blues, we not only get some silver, possibly web-shootery discs, but we also get a gauntlet that wraps around Spidey's upper forearm. I'm not sure what to think about the spiral style of the new gloves, but it definitely puts a new spin (sorry, I couldn't help it) on the old favorite.

[Image: profile.jpg]


I mentioned earlier that the new spider symbol on the costume accentuates the leaner, lankier actor underneath it, but that isn't the only element of the costume that seems designed to reinvent our impression of the ol' web-head. The new costume seems to give significantly more space to the slimming blue sections of the rib area and pants, and offers a narrower red vertical on the chest than we've seen on most of Spidey's movie costumes — or many of his animated incarnations, for that matter.

The new costume also seems to have eliminated the horizontal, red "belt" portion of the uniform, which only adds to the aforementioned slimming effect. This version of Peter Parker is bringing the skinny back, it seems.

[Image: material.jpg]


While past iterations of Spider-Man's costume seemed to opt for a more spandex look (with occasional ribbing on the webs), this new costume seems to be composed of a more mesh-like material. The webs no longer seemed to be glued on after the fact, and instead seem to be a part of the same material that makes up the rest of the costume. It's a small change, but a noticeable one. Here's hoping we get some explanation of where he got the costume this time around!

And there you have it, folks — five changes I noticed in Andrew Garfield's new Spider-Man costume. I'm sure there are some I missed, so go ahead and chime in below with your own observations!
01-02-2011, 11:59 PM,
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RE: First Look At Andrew Garfield As Spider-Man!
[Image: spideyonlocation1.jpg]

[Image: spideyonlocation2.jpg]

[Image: spideyonlocation3.jpg]

[Image: spideyonlocation4.jpg]

[Image: spideyonlocation5.jpg]
02-02-2011, 12:04 AM,
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RE: First Look At Andrew Garfield As Spider-Man!
looks nice but i think tobey maguire cant replaced as spiderman
[Image: n6qgkk.jpg]

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