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Batman: Under the Red Hood
05-08-2010, 01:47 AM,
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Batman: Under the Red Hood
[Image: Batman_under_the_red_hood_poster.jpg]

[Image: 29575nq.jpg]
[Image: 20585tf.jpg]
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Over the years, Batman has 4 different Robins. Dick Grayson(Who went solo and became Nightwing. Is now holding the mantle of Batman after Bruce's "death"), Jason Todd, Tim Drake (Went solo and is now Red Robin) and the current Robin, Damian Wayne.

This movie is about the second Robin. Jason Todd. Who was murdered by the Joker and seemingly returned 5 years later as a one part vigilante, one part criminal kingpin. Calling himself, Red Hood. Shocking revelations are later revealed and battles are ensured in this exciting adaptation of the comic book with the same name. Compelling story, brilliant action choreography, talented voice acting. Whatever other adjectives that makes this animated film, perfect. Just watch it already!

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